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The pharmaceutical and biotech industry has undeniably entered a new environment for pharmaceutical and healthcare product launches. Not only are the new innovative products changing, but those inventing and commercializing the products are transitioning as well. According to a recent research study, product commercialization trends through 2022 point to:


75 percent of the brands being launched to be “specialty” drugs, up from 58 percent in 2021


Over half of these new drugs coming from companies launching their first brand


53 percent of the new drugs being classified as “moderate or no differentiation”


Only one out of 10 members of the typical launch team having ever launched a product

Certainly, moving past the patent cliff and entering the world of pharmaceutical medicines and specialty biologics has created more pressure on the industry to produce under an even higher level of scrutiny. Small and emerging biopharmaceutical companies are particularly challenged to succeed within this environment. These companies are working with limited resources and looking to optimize investor cash in every way possible. And although staff from these organizations may have very competently shepherded the company through research and development, many do not have the requisite skill set to fully commercialize the brand.

Working with a Pharmaceutical CSO also allows emerging pharmaceutical companies to build flexibility into their sales model from the outset, an attribute its larger pharmaceutical counterpart is finding critical to delivering a positive return on investment (ROI). With an experienced CSO partner, emerging companies can easily build an agile, scalable, responsive team to meet customer needs, making sure to address critical market segments with the right type of sales representatives and scaling up and down as the market dictates with no impact on its own operation.